Novare Law Group


We believe that the traditional law-firm model does not serve clients’ interests and, in fact, is in conflict with those interests. So, we decided to take an innovative approach by doing things differently. We believe we should share risk with our clients, while working toward and achieving agreed-upon outcomes. In insurance related matters, Novare Law Group works exclusively with policyholders to assess risk, understand coverage, and obtain maximum available coverage. We craft solutions that provide the best net-cash position for our clients and produce results through disciplined, legal- project management and insurance-coverage expertise.

Corporate America demands its service providers deliver measurable results and quality on schedule and on budget. Legal-service providers must adopt those same standards. Legal services are capable of being defined, planned and budgeted. Law firms are capable of using best management practices, including continuous process improvements, to deliver high value. Law firms and their clients are capable of defining goals and objectives and of creating metrics to measure success. These are the innovations Novare brings to the legal market.