Core Values

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Novare means “to innovate”

The old model of law was not working, so we set out to find a better way. Our mission is to innovate the traditional approach and replace it with something that serves our clients’ interests.  Our mission and core values give our actions purpose. Our Core Values inform how we make decisions as a company.

  • We believe our responsibility is to bring value to our clients and to any situation where we are involved.
  • We encourage creative problem-solving.
  • We leverage technology.
  • We outsource to the highest-quality, best-value providers of specialized services.
  • We encourage our people to pursue their interests outside the office.
  • We are supportive of those causes that our people are passionate about.

Our Philosophy is that good trial lawyers get good settlements

Pre-trial discovery prepares us to present our clients’ case at trial and is not an end to itself. We do not spend time on activities that build up billable hours but are unlikely to contribute to a successful outcome.

For those cases that do not go to trial, we have found that our clients get the best settlements when the opposition knows that we will try the case. When we prepare for trial, our clients get a substantial advantage at the settlement table because good trial lawyers negotiate superior settlements.

“Nothing stops an organization faster than people who believe that the way they worked yesterday
is the best way to work tomorrow. To succeed, not only do your people have to change
the way they act, they’ve got to change the way they think about the past.”
–John Madonna, former Chairman, KPMG International